The launch of BPREPARED


After a period of intensive testing and successful deployment of our solution we can say that today is D-day: BPREPARED is officially launched and fully ready to support international development. BPREPAREDis a company specialized in Mass Casualty Management Software.

BPREPARED: nice to meet you

Our goal is to facilitate the work of emergency response workers by creating a registration tool that makes it easier to register, identify and track all the victims during a mass casualty event. All information is displayed in a clear and comprehensive way in the form of a dashboard, a status report or a list. But it does not stop here. Often people still experience lasting effects after such a disaster, physical or psychological. That’s why the software has also the ability to provide a proper aftercare and conduct long term research on possible lasting effects. Thus, it is important to cover both the medical chain and the psychosocial chain.

BPREPARED: we care for victims & relatives

Besides the victims, there are also their relatives who have many questions and concerns and a need for information. The software has all the necessary tools to make the information available for people in contact centres to inform relatives and answer their questions. To ensure that our software meets the needs for registration, identification and tracking of victims during a mass casualty event, the functionality has been developed based on the experience from mass incident experts together with our inhouse specialist. It can be used during mass casualty events such as a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, a building collapse, a train crash, … Currently it is already in use as the National Mass Casualty Management Software of Belgium and has been used successful during recent incidents.

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