Casualty management of natural disasters


In the last 20 years, the number of natural disasters worldwide has doubled . Natural disasters may include earthquakes, forest fires, floods, storms, volcanic eruptions, drought and extreme temperatures. When something like this happens the number of fatal victims is high but most people affected DO NOT DIE . Many deaths as well as long term consequences for casualties are preventable with timely and appropriate intervention. Registration of the non-medical affected is therefore crucial.

Registration process for natural disasters.

The registration process during a natural disaster is not that different from the registration process during any other kind of mass casualty event. The management of the medical flow is still very important but the psychosocial flows becomes an even bigger part.

First things first: all the affected persons that come in or go out the reception area need to be registered. This includes the victims as well as the victim’s relatives. The reception centres can have multiple purposes. They will bring victims together to share common experiences, will be a place for relatives to assemble and or be reunited with their loved ones and will also handle the practical needs of those involved e.g. finding a place to sleep. The main focus is offering psychological support.

The reception centre

The reunion between victims and their relatives is extremely important and need to happen as fast as possible to limit the psychological impact of the stressful waiting time. Bringing victims together in one place also gives research possibilities within the group. You can try to understand the lasting medical and psychological impact of the natural disaster.

By facilitating an organization of aftercare, victims can claim their rights so if they experience any negative effects of the disaster later on, they can always get the support needed.

BPREPARED 's software ensures that the registration process runs smoothly and prevents negative medical and psychological support by sharing the necessary info with the right people at the time needed.

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