Emergency exercise at Brussels Airport


BPREPARED test case

To ensure that our BPREPARED software works well and is easy to use for emergency services and medical care workers, it was tested several times in disaster drills.

An example of such a disaster drill is the emergency exercise at Brussels Airport. The drill involved observers, evaluators, medical care workers and 300 participant. The aim was to test the functioning of victim tracking and registration. The tracking and tracing software can be used not only for victims but also for relatives and missing persons. Family and friends looking for their relatives can contact the reception centres or crisis call centres for more information.

The flow of an emergency exercise

In this emergency exercise, the first that happens is the arrival of the emergency services. They try to take control of the situation. Victims are being tracked, rescued and registered. Once this is done, the victims are taken from the incident area to the advanced medical post to prevent further injuries in the incident area.

Next up a more thorough registration can be done on the victims who are still conscious and still able to answer questions. Based on the amount and severity of injuries, victims are regulated to the hospital, reception centres or allowed to go home.

  • Victims who are seriously injured or require urgent medical attention are regulated to the hospitals.
  • Victims with minor injuries or nothing serious can either be sent home and leave the medical chain or be regulated to the reception centres.

Finally, there are the family and friends who are looking for their relatives. They can assemble in the reception centre or contact the reception centres or crisis call centres for more information.

The role of BPREPARED

BPREPARED's software ensures that the whole process from incident area to back home is mapped and later follow-up is possible to prevent not only physical but also psychological trauma.

At the command post dashboards, status reports and list are at hand to have an overview of the situation. Decision time is limited so immediate and correct transfer of information to the Command Post on numbers, status, and location of the casualties will lead to efficient management and evaluation options after the casualty.

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