Triage wrist bands


During a mass casualty event, it is important to get a quick overview of the number of people injured and the extent to which someone is hurt. Taking care of everyone at once is impossible because the resources for medical care are insufficient. Triage codes are an efficient and clear way to evaluate and categorize the victims, to decide who is most urgently in need of regulation to a hospital for care and whose injuries are less severe and can wait for medical care.

Partnership with LESS AS

The wristbands BPREPARED has chosen to use are provided by our partner LESS AS, a Norwegian company specialised in providing material for modern preparedness and supporting a holistic approach to efficient patient evacuation.

BPREPARED decided to work with coloured wrist bands to make the triage codes visible on the victims. The wrist bands are easy to apply and change on the victim.

  • Red (immediate): used for victims who need immediate treatment and still have a chance of survival.
  • Yellow (urgent): used for victims who’s condition is stable at the moment and no immediate danger for life but still need medical treatment as fast as possible.
  • Green (delayed): used for victims who are not life-threateningly injured but will still require medical treatment at a later point.
  • Grey with black: used for victims who are deceased.

Integration with BPREPARED software

The triage codes are also integrated in the software of BPREPARED. When a victim is registered the triage code has to be filled in. This way people in the command post can have an overview of the extent of the victim’s injuries and take the necessary action considering the regulation to the hospitals.

By adding a QR code to the wrist bands, emergency workers are able to register and categorize the victims even faster and easier with the BPREPARED software. Data will be immediately centrally registered and instantly available for the next steps.

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